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We are manufactures and exporters of home furnishing, home decor products, Return gifts, tabletop corporate gifts. We are specialized in manufacturing Accent Tables, Coffee Tables, Garden Planters and other garden accessories Bowls trays, Wall arts, Home Decor and Table Tops.We are based in India with highly skilled and competent artisans. We are very prompt in manufacturing all handcrafted products. I would like to add that we are a strategic vendor partner of Amazon and Flipkart. We work with designers like Ralph Lauren, Jonathan Adler, Julia Knights, Kim Seybert etc. We work with customers all around the world, the list includes the name of Zara Home, Oliver Bonas, Woolworths Torrent, Zydus ,Cipla ,Lupin and different pharma gifts company and many more.

Our factory is more material oriented. We can develop even other items. Our strength is the use of mixed material, we work with a very wide range materials which include the name of Brass, Stainless steel, Aluminum, Copper, Iron, Wood, Stones, Semi-Precious stones, Horn, Bone, MOP, Resin, Acrylic, stone dust, Natural fibers (Pine needle, rattan, water hyacinth, kauna grass, banana fibers, sea grass etc), glass, leather etc..

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